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Plagiarism is widely considered a fraud. There are several reasons why a writer may plagiarize your paper. The first major reason is incompetence. If the writer isn’t aware of plagiarism, they wouldn’t be able to avoid it. Secondly, if the writer doesn’t know the correct way to acknowledge sources, then it’s very likely that they may commit plagiarism.

How we deal with plagiarism

PaperDon extensively addresses plagiarism at every level. First, all our service providers understand what plagiarism is and the repercussions that it can bring. Secondly, we have equipped our writers with the skills necessary to correctly acknowledge the resources they use in writing any academic paper. Finally, our no-plagiarism policy states clearly that plagiarism is not acceptable at PaperDon.

Before we deliver any completed project to the client, that paper will be assessed by our professional editors and thoroughly checked for a wide range of possible mistakes, including plagiarism. We also have powerful software that we use to scan content before we deliver it to the client.

Report any plagiarism case to us

If you discover that your paper has been plagiarized in any way, simply give us a call or contact us by any other means informing us about it. We will move swiftly to address the matter.


The other issue that most clients are often worried about is confidentiality. Will my instructor find out? If so, what will happen to me?

What we have done at PaperDon is to develop a simple tactic to make sure that no one knows about the client’s true identity. When a client makes an order, you will choose a user name. Every client is completely free to choose a user name that they desire. NEVER use your real names as your user name. Once you’ve chose the user name, it will become your identity moving forward.

This way, not even the writers can know the true identity of the client. Moreover, we have a strict policy that requires every writer and all other member of PaperDon to maintain a high level of confidentiality both on and off work.

Our writers

On the Our Top Writers page, we have a combined list of top-rated writers with their awards and the number of completed orders listed next to each writer's Nickname. The list is updated with every new order, so the information is always current.

Dr. Evelyn W.

Dr. Evelyn W.

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Prof. Orla

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Tutor. Favian K

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Prof. Abraham. M

597 completed works